New Ghost compilation features previously unreleased song on streaming

The band Ghost performs live at Pine Knob Music Theater Clarkston^ Michigan -USA- August 14^ 2023:

Ghost have just released a new compilation album titled 13 Commandments, with the collection featuring a song that was previously unavailable on streaming services.

The band wrote on social media: “We wish to inform you that these times call for a divine compilation of some of Ghost’s most sinful psalms and the most observant shall find the wider release of Ghost’s cult tune ‘Zenith.’ Ghost’s 13 Commandments: so let it be written, so let it be done…. Listen now everywhere.”

13 Commandments is essentially a “greatest hits” compilation, featuring songs from Ghost’s entire discography including “Square Hammer,” “Dance Macabre,” “Cirice,” “Rats,” “Mary on a Cross” and “Phantom of the Opera”. The previously unreleased track, “Zenith,” was originally a bonus track included on a special edition of their 2015 album Meliora, and was unavailable on digital and streaming services in the past.

Take a listen to “Zenith” – here.

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